Jinx Proof offers expert tattooing by eight artists who have a broad range of styles.  Each artist works in an individual, semi-private station, and total privacy is available upon request.  All tattooers practice the same universal precautions providing a clean and sterile environment.

All needles are single use, and all sterilizing is done on the premises with one of two Ritter M7 Speedclaves.  These autoclaves are spore tested bi-monthly to ensure that they are operating properly.

We offer appointments as well as walk-in services. Appointments are offered Sunday through Friday. Walk-ins are done 7 days a week, as our schedule allows and Saturday is reserved strictly for walk-ins. If you are interested in custom work, or need something drawn up, come in and see us to make an appointment.  

Check out the links below to view some of our artist’s excellent work and see which is the right fit for you!

Tim Corun
Tony Morrell
Tad Peyton
Kevin McNutt
Liana Joy
Jeffrey Pageau

Jinx Proof
3285 1/2 M St. NW, Washington, DC 202.337.5469